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FeedApp, l’outil innovant au service des sans abris

Pour optimiser la gestion de nos actions, on a conçu et développé l'application FeedApp qui sera en ligne dans les prochains jours.

  • Positionnement des sans abris
  • Affectation des tâches aux bénévoles
  • Localisation des restaurants partenaires
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What our users say


Abderrahmane ALAOUI Professeur universitaire à L'Ecole Mohammedia d'Ingénieur

The non-profit association, Zero Hunger, has created an application that locates the homeless, so the residents, volunteers and professionals can help them. Very good work.

Yassine Bentaleb Founder, Managing Director @ Millennials Consulting

I met Rachid, the founder of Zero Hunger, in a bus in Morocco, we bivouacked in nature before heading to Toubkal. Rachid told me about his willingness to help the homeless. A few days later, Zero Hunger was launched and started its actions.

Thomas Lhomme Filmmaker and Blogger @ RockTheWorld.fr

Zero hunger is an amazing initiative driven by humanitarian values that have seen the light greatly thanks to this ambitious group of people aspiring to achieve one of the very important millennium development goals.

Yassine Aboukir Security Analyst @ HackerOne