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FEEDAPP to fill the gap

March, 7th 2019. History should remember this great day where everything finally started making sense, our long spent hours on the internet became useful. The birthday of the application ‘’FeedApp’’ that made everyone’s life easier, from planning to the food delivery actions, connecting the partners or the restaurants’ owners with the volunteers or with each other, to collecting the homeless people’s stories and saving them…



    It  may not be like Instagram, twitter or facebook  or any other ‘’enjoyable ‘’ App that every kid, teen or old man or women find necessary to be added first in their phones, checking them before and after sleeping, while eating, or even while taking a shower But also that may or may not be really important to be used that much. The ‘’FeedApp’’ application is totally different than this, totally unique and totally USEFUL. What if I told you that the sum of the minutes you’ll be spending in checking this App will be the same sum of minutes, that same old poor  man you pass by everyday smiles, while eating a healthy tasty dish, in other words, the total of uploadings, clicks, checkings and active usings of FeedApp can change someone’s life and provide him/her with a better life, and take that old homeless living in the cold scary street to a better place, that she or he deserves . Won’t you like to use this app?



    The mobile application is developed by the engineer Hicham Benmehdi, will include the e-donation recharge scan, a refill that will be available in local shops and its purpose is to donate for actions quickly and effectively. Technology and volunteering go hand in hand and other FeedApp-like concepts such as Kamal Ahmad’s ’’ Feeding Forward’’ in San Francisco or ‘’Homeless +’’  by the Homeless Plus association in France.



    The FeedApp project was designed by Rachid Beggar, and the web application was developed by the most skilled engineer, and one of the best performing members in ‘’Zero Hunger ‘’, Mohammed Mounnad.

    Because only One click may save a life, upload ‘’ FeedApp’’ and fill the gap between you and this marginalized part of society.

Article by: Fatima Zahra Biglimine

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