Zero Hunger Initiative Steps

Zero hunger is a charitable, independent and open Moroccan Association, denouncing the aberrations of agribusiness by raising awareness and distributing free on the homeless, food thrown by restaurants, supermarkets, bakeries, shops, etc. Every day, we contact restaurants, supermarkets and the next day we distribute free food recovered on the homeless. The initiative was born in Rabat in June 2017, founded by Rachid BEGGAR, who has lived the experience of being a tramp. It is clear that we throw 1/3 of food produced, it was necessary to find a part of this third that is missing on our plates …
We vary the pleasures by making distributions by bike, at home, a hunt treasure in the Moroccan cities, with for booty a shopping bag filled with commodities.
The reasons for the movement are:

  • Feeding is a primary need.
  • Sensitize people to food waste.
  • Redistribute this recovered food on the vagrants.

Zero Hunger Initiative

They say that the journey of a 100 miles, starts with a single step, our first step was when I decided to go on a trip, I passed a night with 5 homeless people, I heard 5 stories, and I decided to take action to #Save_TheHomeless.
Now the challenge is big! we are talking about Empowerment, Entrepreneurship, and Education, The key is E, three E, with a lot of passion I dedicate my time and my experience to run this amazing project, to go further on this beautiful journey.
It’s a challenge, a life goal, a story that we will succeed.

President & Founder of Zero Hunger Initiative.