Zero hunger is an independent and open Moroccan Charity Association, denouncing the aberrations of agribusiness by raising awareness and distributing for free to the homeless, food given by restaurants, supermarkets, bakeries, shops, etc. Every day, we contact restaurants, supermarkets and the next day we distribute free food recovered to the homeless people. The initiative was born in Rabat-June 2017, founded by Rachid BEGGAR, who has lived the experience of being a tramp. It is clear that we throw 1/3 of food produced, therefore, it was necessary to find a part of this third that is missing in our meals...

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RestauCycle is simply the main project of our organization, consists in recovering the food at the restaurants, the supermarkets, the boarding schools … A well-studied supply chain, managed by a mobile application, whose bicycles are the main average of transport and distribution…


It consists of establishing the culture of sharing meals with the homeless. with the help of a mobile application developed by our team, we gather meals of our volunteers. Each meal includes 1 Egg, 1 Cheese, 1 Bread, 1 Bread, 1 Milk, 1 Yogurt, packed in a packaging paper […]

Zero Hunger App

Zero Hunger App, is the mobile application that manages the service chain, whose entries are: donors (Restaurants, superstores, individuals …), volunteers, and the positioning of homeless. The application is developed in partnership with EMINES Bengurir […]

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Zero Hunger Sections

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In addition to our actions on the ground, we collect information about our target. Stories, personal details, photos, statistics … But one goal, study the problem to find the solution.

Training and Certificates

In return for their work, we offer our volunteers different training in project management, social entrepreneurship, and digital marketing … The free training is offered by our network of professionals (Engineers, Doctors…). In addition to training, our volunteers also receive N hours of volunteer certificates, following a points system for each volunteer.

Zero Hunger Platform

Our platform of social networks composed of a facebook page with +4000 likes, a Youtube channel, LinkedIn Page, Instagram account, and of course our media partner, and the total service of our partners, restaurants, supermarkets, startups , associations … to increase their visibility.


Our Sensitization center has two main components: Humanitarian and Environmental. Humanitarian Sensitizationaims to strengthen social awareness about the circumstances experienced by the homeless, focusing on their stories, using our platform and visits to schools … Environmental Sensitization is made through the use of bicycles as a means of transport, Zero Waste, and Zero CO2.

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Abderrahmane ALAOUI Professeur universitaire à L'Ecole Mohammedia d'Ingénieur

The non-profit association, Zero Hunger, has created an application that locates the homeless, so the residents, volunteers and professionals can help them. Very good work.

Yassine Bentaleb Founder, Managing Director @ Millennials Consulting

I met Rachid, the founder of Zero Hunger, in a bus in Morocco, we bivouacked in nature before heading to Toubkal. Rachid told me about his willingness to help the homeless. A few days later, Zero Hunger was launched and started its actions.

Thomas Lhomme Filmmaker and Blogger @ RockTheWorld.fr

Zero hunger is an amazing initiative driven by humanitarian values that have seen the light greatly thanks to this ambitious group of people aspiring to achieve one of the very important millennium development goals.

Yassine Aboukir Security Analyst @ HackerOne

Our Actions

Our needs

To continue feeding the homeless, we need a room equipped with refrigerators
and storage tools with office supply (a computer for development). We also need
bikes so we can move environmentally. Below is an annual budget estimate of our financial needs.

A local in Rabat (60 000 MAD)
10 Bikes
A Mac + Office Tools
Impressions + Packaging

Our goals


Do you want to join us or help us continue to feed people without shelter?

Zero Hunger VLOG 00

بداية رحلة مبادرة زيرو جائع في اليوتيوب، هادي الخطوة الأولى و الخير جاي القدام Lancement de la chaine Zero Hunger with Rachid

مبادرة زيرو جائع لإطعام الأشخاص بدون مأوى

زيرو جائع أو Zero Hunger هي مبادرة شبابية مغربية لإطعم الأشخاص بدون مأوى بالمدن الدار البيضاء، الرباط، أكادير، القنيطرة، المحمدية، بني ملال و تمارة. زيرو جائع تقوم على إعداد الوجبات بشكل مسمر طيلة العام، و تشمل الوجبة التي لا يتعدى ثمنها 10 دراهم : خبز، كرواصة، حليب، ياغورت، بيض و جبن.

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FEEDAPP to fill the gap

March, 7th 2019. History should remember this great day where everything finally started making sense, our long spent hours on the internet became useful. The birthday of the application ‘’FeedApp’’ that made everyone’s life easier, from planning to the food delivery actions, connecting the partners or the restaurants’ owners with the volunteers or with each […]

Le prix Mérité de la compétition Open innovation day

L’application FeedApp de Zero Hunger est la meilleure ! De quoi s’agit-il ?     La compétition appelée « Open Innovation Day » est organisée par ESCA :Ecole de Management à Casablanca, le 30 avril 2019, dans le cadre de la Chaire Innovation et Économie digitale. L’objectif de la journée est de mettre l’accent sur […]

Bénévole du mois : El Mehdi Saliheddine

Agé de 28 ans. Il est titulaire d’un master en marketing et d’une licence professionnelle technico-commercial de l’université Hassan II de Casablanca. Il est membre de Zero Hunger depuis le mois octobre 2018.       Si au début il n’a intégré l’association que par la curiosité de savoir ce que le nom de ‘’Zero […]

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